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Hauzi is a one-stop-shop for your home renovation. You will have all here: an exclusive designer to develop your project and help you to choose the best of our high quality furtinures, cabinets, quartz and a lot more; the best contractors ready to put all together; and an incredible team to guarantee your dream home is being built in a very high-quality way.

We take care of your renovation from start to finish.

What makes Hauzi unique?

Typical Experience

  • Design Everything Yourself
  • Speding Overrun
  • Renovation Delay
  • No Project Assistance
  • Unvetted Contractors
  • Search and Order Yourself
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What People Say

"I never imagined that I would have this world class service and delivery here in Florida."
Cris Bettega
"They met the promised deadlines and I had complete assistance during my renovation."
Rodrigo Orofino
"It surprised my expectations. We had great service and our house was as we expected."
Arthur Silveira