Marco Francisco



  • STUDIO: Marco Antonio Architect



Hi, this is Marco and it’d be an honor and a privilege to be chosen as your Architect!

I’ve been developing designs for 3 years in the USA and turning empty or old-fashioned places into new experiences, bringing clients’ identity and personality to their homes!

I was graduated in Brazil, Sao Paulo, in 2018 and when I was yet in College I had the opportunity to work with some contractors on the West Coast, in California, and since then I’ve developed hundreds of designs, from bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms to outdoor designs, from backyards to facade modifications!

When it comes to styles and preferences, the first step is to have a nice conversation with the clients, understanding their personality, needs and wishes! Personally, I love bringing the “Wow” effect to the design, especially when I have the opportunity to have a “freehand design” I try my best so that you have your needs aligned with a piece of that resort you once visited, a bit of the Caribbean Beaches you went to on that vacation, or that interior decoration/design of the kitchen you once saw on TV and dreamed about, bathrooms and bedrooms from that hotel you stayed and wished you never had to leave!

This is me, your next architect, and the right person to help you have your home just the way you wish!

Thank you! : )